Midweek Mania: Tom Cruise Is (also) Back!

Well would you look who has decided to pop back for a few head butts and two fist punches!

Tommy Cruise is back as the infamous (rogue) ass kicker Jack Reacher – yes we here you book fans complaining that he is too small and is totally not the fit of the character but (for me) Cruise is the perfect star to bring the character to life!

Yeah, back in 2012 Jack Reacher may have not had much box office success but to hell with ’em because the original outing was a no hold back thrill ride from beginning to end! Packed with fully loaded car chases and intense hand to hand combat, Reacher proved to me that Cruise is here to stay in the action genre and the very first trailer now proves what I thought back then. Fair enough we had a handful of Mission movies and others but there is something about Reacher that stuck with me. Maybe its the clever writing and the talented Cruise but it’s a quieter version of the likes of Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne – to be honest I think I would rather go up against them than Reacher because this character doesn’t give a sh*t and that’s awesome!

What also attracted me to the Reacher films is also the female support – in the first outing we had Rosamund Pike command the screen in the presence of a mostly male lead drama. I loved her portrayal and she was a fierce opponent to our villains!

Here, (from the trailer) we have avenger herself Cobie Smoulders and by the looks of it, she ain’t too afraid to get her hands dirty! This is music to my ears because we needed more badass women in movies.

It seems Cruise is able to get the best from his female co-stars with prime examples coming from the likes of Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow (FULL METAL …!), Rebecca Ferguson (who stole the show) in Rogue Nation and even as far back to Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds – I find this very appealing to view!


But back to the now Reacher sequel: Never Go Back – from the looks of it, I feel the stakes will become higher for the character as it seems Smulders character and him have history which may lay way for some great story. Obviously we will have some great stunt work and more but I feel that I will be more invested in the plot and the characters this time round as I know the theme I will be getting into.

After finishing ‘One Shot’, the Lee Child book in which the 2012 original is based off I can say that I was more satisfied with the films ending than that of the hardback. That being said the book is great and worth every read – so from me it is off to the book store to pick up the next outing!

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is out this October and I can’t wait! Till Next time, nerd out!


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