Personal Picks: My Favourite Opening Scenes

Opening a movie can be a big deal! You want to reel your audience in, make them believe and keep their attention at 100% – well, that’s what I believe, so today I want to discuss (some) my favourite opening scenes to a fair few of my favourite movies!

A word of warning: some spoilers may lay ahead.

Scream – The Blondie Gets It.

Probably one of the most famous opening scenes, we meet Casey Becker played by the talented Drew Barrymore as she seems to get more than she bargained for from this supposedly ‘prank-call’.
What made this opening to this classic slasher movie work was the utter simplicity. Two characters talking and as the camera rolls so does the terror. This is highly original so much so, that it seems to be copied to a point where it is over-saturating the originality! Kudos Craven!

The Lion King – The Circle of Life.

Probably the most famous opening to a Disney ever. It is spin tingling and perfect in ever standard of animation. With the help of an echoing score provided by the legend that is, Hans Zimmer. This truly is a spectacular opening that preps us for a true adventure.

Drive – 5 Minutes, I’m Yours.

Talk about stylish as hell. We are introduced to the lonesome Driver as he is being circled by the local police and with time on the clock, we are shown the true nature of the man who drives. This fast paced 10 minute opening is incredible silent as it is loud. Using no score, I was on the edge of my seat and feeling like strapping on my seat-belt mighty tight.

Jeepers Creepers 2 – The Scarecrow Flies High.

As a young teen, this was one of the most scariest movie moments. I remember actually peaking over a cushion I used for cover from the jump scares. The last thing I imagined was the so called ‘Creeper’ actually taking flight and abducting the young boy. Nightmares ensued and this opening will always have a place in my nerdy heart! R.I.P Billy.

Toy Story – The Stick Up

If this isn’t on your list, why? From the vivid animation and Randy Newman’s classic song what is there not to love about this. This film is very close to my heart and is one of my all time favourite openings.

Jurassic Park – Shoot Her!

We’ve got the classic Universal Logo opening, the iconic Williams score and an unseen menace. Obviously, being my favourite film of all time – I have watched it a million and one times, but what is so special about it is, I get goosebumps every time and if that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what will!

Star Wars – Attack Over Tatooine.

This, in my nerdy books is the most iconic/epic opening in movie history. In 7 minutes we are introduced to the famous crawl, the vast size of the space opera, the rebels and the infamous villain of them all Darth Vader. Absolute goosebumps and that God-like score. Incredible just utterly incredible. Hats off to Lucas and co.

So they are some of my favourite opening scenes – what are yours? Let me know! Till next time! Nerd out!



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