Midweek Mania: Who’s Luck Is About To Run Out?

With Game of Thrones Season 6 in full swing – it is famous for ending many of our favourite characters in some spectacular fashion. So today, I list off some characters I feel may meet an end come the conclusion.

First off, there has been some recent reports of the titles for the final few episodes – which will have a small influence on my list!

Episode 6.08 – No One
Eagle eyed fans can assume they are referencing to Arya Stark and her training with the faceless here, which is hopefully getting closer to an end. I think we will see her skills be but to the test.

Episode 6.09 – Battle of Bastards
As following previous season structures, episode 9 nearly always serves as an action packed epic filled with a major plot ending, in this case, you guessed it, the battle for Winterfell featuring Ramsey Bolton and Jon Snow. Will Mr. Bolton meet his maker?

Episode 6.10 – The Winds of Winter
The season finale, and the title of the next book in G R.R Martin’s series upon which the show is based.  With a title such as this, one can assume Winter is not only coming, but has essentially arrived.  Will we see the White Walkers at the Wall?  or will it come crashing down?

Now with that out of the way – I have to say there is a little more influence on my list!

Ramsey Bolton
It seems very likely from that episode 9 synopsis that we will indeed see the end to the ruthless Bastard Bolton. And I am kinda on two sides – I truly think he is the best villain come along in all the Six Seasons and I could honestly keep watching his infamous character reign a violent spree but then again there hasn’t been such a character that deserves an savory end.



Jaqen H’ghar
I think it is due time for Arya to add another name to her list – and why not H’ghar, I will be honest, her story-line was a little lackluster for me, but I think it is picking up and as of last weeks episodes and Arya watching the play – I think the penny will drop and the end for the faceless man will be nigh.


Margaery Tyrell

I hate to say it because she is one of my favourite characters, (note to read: I am writing this before I see episode 6) – but from what I saw in the latest promo, it seems like Tyrell is about to take part in her walk of shame with Jamie not far behind to stop it, but there may be an all out battle to ensue in Kings Landing – and may be Margery will be caught in the crossfire. (Sadface!)


Rickon Stark

Now that Osha and shaggydog cruelly killed by Ramsey and a now nicely called: Battle of Bastards about to ensue, I think Ramsey will (one last time) get the upper hand on Jon and take out his youngest brother Ricky. I know it may sound awful but I wouldn’t put it past the writers.


So they are just four characters I feel will not see the light on Season 7. I would just like to point out I didn’t read up on any of the written  material and I just watch the T.V Series.
Hey, it is fun to speculate and I can’t wait to finish out the season.

Till next time – nerd out!


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