My Favourite Action Heroines!

Action movies today consist of big budget direction and amazingly choreographed sequences but what the genre also has is some incredible female action heroes! So for today – I’m gonna give my favourite picks!

Sarah Connor – T2: Judgement Day

She put her own up against the original Terminator back in 1984, but Linda Hamilton brought her A – game in Judgement Day and boy does she kick some machine ass!

Rita Vrataski – Edge of Tomorrow

Emily Blunt was a shine in the all action Sci-Fi epic alongside Tom Cruise. Blunt has really made a name for herself in all out action with this and tense thriller, Sicario.

giphy (1)

Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games Franchise

Do I have to say much about J-Law’s epic bow wielding character? … she is damn right epic!

Laura Croft – Tomb Raider Series

Say what you will about the movies, but back in the day Miss Jolie made them adventure movies her own and damn could she kick the crap outta anyone standing in her way!

Leia – Star Wars Franchise

Whether it’s being a badass princess, wielding a space pistol or running the resistance – there isn’t too much to stop this Skywalker in the galaxy!

Ellen Ripley – Alien Franchise

“GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH!” – yeah she is a totally action heroine!

Furiosa – Mad Max: Fury Road

You know your action heroine is awesome when she out shines Mad Max himself! Theron brings her all to the table in one of the coolest action movies ever!

Black Widow/Lucy – Marvel Cinematic Universe & Lucy

Probably one of the greatest action heroines in a LONG time, Scarlett Johansson gave a breath of fresh air when first introduced in Iron Man 2, now she has become a fan favourite and recently proved yet again that she has got what she takes in Captain America: Civil War

That being said she also kicks ass as Lucy, a normal woman gifted with 100% of her brain functioning capacity! What could go wrong?

So these are my picks! And these ladies can seriously put up a fight! What are some of your favourites – till next time! Nerd out


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