Personal Picks: My Favourite Directors!

If you have been following my blogs up to now, you know movies are my life and over the years I have picked up some of my favourite movies, but today I have decided to discuss my favourite men behind the camera who direct some of the greatest films to ever screen!

While making a movie is a massive collaboration of incredible talent from all aspects of the art, I believe a film director controls a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects, and visualizes the script full capacity while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that overall vision.

For my list, I have decided to 10 of my favourite directors while also discussing some of my favourite pieces directed by them!

Danny Boyle
From Shallow Grave to Trainspotting, Danny Boyle has proven that he took a jump into indies picks into bigger productions like 127 Hours and Steve Jobs.
A personal favourite of his is 28 Days Later, it gave a sense of fresh air to the Horror franchise in introducing some of the first fast paced Zombie creatures we have grown used to today.

Christopher Nolan
What can I say that already hasn’t been said? Nolan is a genius! Belting out success after success – and being one of the very few directors today that bring a sense of originality to the table! Hats off to him in creating the best Superhero Trilogy and sending us into an incredible array of dreams.

James Cameron
Probably the most success director on my list – James Cameron is at the helm of some of the greatest films ever put to screen. My favourites being The Terminator and Aliens, Cameron knows how to work the audience and has shown that he is a talent that is here to stay!

M Night Shyamalan
Say what you will about some of his latest projects, but young Shyamalan is a genius. I understand I may throw that word around very much so in this blog but he is. From The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and even Signs – He is an incredibly ambitious director that knows where to lay at twist or two, but most importantly he can truly tell a story.


David Fincher
Another great is Fincher. Whenever I hear of a knew Fincher film coming to the screen, I also am very intrigued to witness his story. From some truly terrifying pieces like Se7en to Gone Girl and other unique tellings like The Social Network or the ambitious Fight Club – Fincher is a master of the art that will always be looked upon as one of the greats of his generation.

Edgar Wright
Of course Edgar had to make the list, with his insanely funny editions to his great use in shooting styles – both The Cornetto Trilogy and the criminally underrated cult T.V show SPACED have proven to be a turning point in the way an audience enjoys the art!


Michael Mann
Now this is a director. Mann unique style is echoed among his filmography from Heat to Collateral. I love his work and find it very real and gritty in parts – he makes the best use of his talent on screen and has hit many a home run thus far in his career.

Quentin Tarantino
You can’t not have Tarantino on a list of the best of the best! His gritty OTT violence has caused a tremendous following and has garnered some incredible attention – From Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction to The Hateful Eight, for me, Tarantino has knocked it outta the park with his incredible intertwining stories and insanely cool dialogue!

Steven Spielberg
If you think Film Director, nine times outta ten you think Spielberg. This man is an absolute visionary and has paved the way for cinema today. He created the term Blockbuster with Jaws, took us on adventures with Indiana Jones and showed us what Dino’s look like on film. Spielberg is (in my opinion) the best of the best – with many directors today, looking up to him and trying to mimic his ways. I feel nobody will ever come to his level and long after his is gone, generations after generations will delve into and discuss his absolute triumph in the directing universe.

So that is my list of my favourite directors! What are some of yours? Till next time – nerd out!


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