#FridayFlashForward – London Trip Part Deux

Yep! I am jetting off to London again and I can’t wait to getaway before I’ve to become an adult again and get my job hunt on! But at least I get five final days to chill!

Back in April I got to go a see Hans Zimmer Live in Wembley and it was incredible! My girlfriend and I also got to catch some of the major sites too and it was pretty surreal.

So for our second trip we do have a few ideas up our sleeves! And obviously weather permitting!

One tourist site we didn’t get to check out was Piccadilly Circus and we really wanna just have an aul gander around plus maybe take a sneaky selfie!

We are fans of day trips and having a chance to visit the London Zoo would be pretty sweet!

But the real reason we are taking a trip across the pond is to see family (obvs) but to celebrate my girls Birthday/our two year anniversary by going on an adventure to the Harry Potter Studios!

We are both big fans of the franchise and getting a chance to visit the movie sets is an experience we couldn’t pass up! It’ll be ticked off the bucket list and we can’t wait to spend some time in the wizard-world!


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