Midweek Mania: Five Summer Movies That Have Me Excited!

Summer has shaped up to be a time of year where you’d find yourself chasing down your nearest theater to catch the latest and greatest movies to check out in the sunshine season. Today, I will discuss five of the many films that I am looking forward to catch this season!
#5 The Conjuring 2

Who doesn’t like a Summer Horror? Considering the original fright feature is one of my favourite Horror outings in a very long time, there was no doubt that I would be super excited for the next story from The Warren couple.

#4 The Purge – Election Year

Say what you will, but I am a fan of this murderous franchise. It is one of those rare cases where the sequel is far superior to the original and for the third killing spree it looks like we will get more extreme kills and more Summer action fun!

#3 Jason Bourne

Matt Damon is finally back as the title assassin and I can’t effing wait. I am not shunning Renner and his Legacy performance but it just didn’t fit – put from what I have seen from the latest trailers, it seem Bourne is truly back and taking no shit! Me like!

#2 Independence Day: Resurgence

Like Jurassic World and Star Wars of last year, I grew up with this sci-fi adventure! And if you tell me that we have another OTT action epic to chow down popcorn to in the biggest screen possible, hell yeah I’m there!

#1 Suicide Squad

Of course this has to reign high on my number one spot! Who doesn’t love Super-Villains? Plus if you’ve got a new retelling of The Joker thrown into the mixing bowl – you better believe I will have my tickets booked way in advance!

So these are my top five picks this Summer season! What are some of yours? Till next time – nerd out!


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