#FridayFlashBack – Feeling Old?

For this weeks edition, I look back on a defining decade in cinema: the 1980’s. With Tom Cruise’ iconic fighter pilot fiasco Top Gun turning 30 this week, I have decided to make out a list of some of my favourite films to come out of this decade!

I am gonna start off this list with a few honorable mentions who are just as good as each other but didn’t quite make the top list!

(The Karate Kid, Back to the Future Part 1 + Part 2, Batman, A View to a Kill & Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

(Child’s Play, Ghostbusters, The Fog, Spaceballs, Mad Max 2, Poltergeist & Scarface)

These honorable mentions are truly defining pieces in the art, I really enjoyed each and everyone and highly recommend them! But there are 20 more that I have picked, which I enjoyed even more – in no particular order:

Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back/ Return of the Jedi

It honestly wouldn’t be a complete list without these two Sci-Fi classics, for me Empire reigns high along with the original but that’s not to say that ROTJ isn’t packed to the prim of awesomeness!

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial 

Not only is this one of the best films from the 80’s, E.T was one of my childhood movies – watching it now I still get the sense of adventure and magic Spielberg created! Utter classic!

The Indiana Jones Trilogy


For me, Indiana Jones and his trio of adventures are the defining of action adventure, led by one of my favourite stars, it would have been criminal not to add them to my top list!

The Terminator

This needs no introduction as it is one of my all time favourite films that blends tense horror with an amazing Sci-Fi twist. Iconic!



Wanna watch a film that is far superior to it’s original, then Aliens is the one for you! Director James Cameron returns to my list with one of the greatest Sci-Fi Action Horror’s ever to grace the screen! Well worth a look!

Blade Runner


Look who has made his hat-trick of appearances on my list! Ford is absolutely spellbinding as Deckard, a Replicant Hunter assigned to eliminate few replicants on the run – this film is beautifully riddled and masterfully directed by Ridley Scott and with a sequel coming out in the future I can only hope for some more mesmerizing fun.

The Breakfast Club


♫ Don’t You Forget About Me! ♫ – one of the best coming of age movies ever! Hands down 80’s classic right here!

The Goonies


HEY YOU GUYS! C’mon who doesn’t love The Goonies, this movie honestly, just reminds me of chilling on a rainy Sunday afternoon and being transported on the adventure of One-Eyed Willy’s treasure!

The Shining


If you have Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King in the same sentence, you’re obviously gonna come up with one of the best psychological horror adaptions put to the screen. Jack Nicholson gives in my opinion one of his career’s best performances!
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Die Hard


Best Christmas movie going! Bruce Willis proves he’s a force not to be messed with in the best of the franchise!
“Now I have a machine gun ho-ho-ho”

The Gremlins


This movie is another crazy Christmas outing that deserves to be watched with a group of friends! … let’s not mention the sequel!



Another Arnie appearance along with an all time favourite of mine! This film is highly original for it’s time and is now sadly rehashed in awkward re-tellings, I personally am a fan of the other two but they will never beat the originals! Plus stay away from the Alien V Predator outings, they didn’t work in the slightest!

Top Gun


The reason the list is happening! With TG turning 30 this week, how could it not be on my list. It is probably Cruise’ most iconic performance of his career along with the Mission franchise – but TG is one of the most successful of the 80’s and deservedly so. It’s cheesy great.

The Thing


I love my horror’s and The Things proves to be one of the best. Its incredibly clever and extremely well made for it’s time and will be loved for years to come!


Tom Hanks charms his way around the screen in this Freaky Friday type original that stands tall in the hearts of so many!

The Lost Boys


This has 80’s classic written all over it! As I have said before, The Lost Boys is one of the best Vampire films of all time but it is one of the top films to come out of the 30 year old decade! From the soundtrack to the horror – this is one film every movie fan should watch!

Lethal Weapon


The buddy-cop genre doesn’t get any better than this! With crazy Gibson and super-cool Glover at the helm – Lethal Weapon sparked a now defining genre that we are very much used to, today!

Dead Poets Society


CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN! This truly is one of Robin Williams utterly perfect roles! I hold this film close and urge everyone to give it a go. Thanks for the smiles sir.

Nightmare on Elms Street


So, yeah this film scared the hell outta me! Who better than Wes Craven to helm one of the most successful and truly terrifying horror tropes ever! Worth a watch in the dark!

So they are my picks! Next week the 90’s – thanks for reading and till next time! Nerd out!


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