Midweek Mania: Where Oh Where To Travel To?

With this weeks edition of #MidweekMania, I have collab’d once again with the awesome Moons And Meerkats (Check her blog out!), today we plan our next adventure together but with a little twist!

We have come up with a little list of ten fictional places we would love to either take a trip too or actually take part in!

Ladies first, so Katie’s picks are:


The music during the courtyard apocalypse, simply wow! Alexandre Desplat made the film. All the trolls, witches, wizards and dementors, although terrifying, I’d say it would be so thrilling!


The book made it out to be so much better than in the film – Soz Shailene! It just sounded so much daring and dark than what was portrayed on screen.


San Fransokyo
Imagine walking along the street with your trusty healthcare companion Baymax? The cuteness!


Hell’s Kitchen
Well hello there Mr Matt Murdock smile emoticon I love this part of New York City all because of the netflix series Daredevil. Plus to catch a glimpse of Jon Bernthal, also known as The Punisher.


New York
Of course the best is kept until last! The city that never sleeps grew on me from a young age after becoming obsessed with ‘An American Tail’, a story about a little mouse called Fievel who gets separated from his family whilst travelling over to the US from Russia. Although set back in the late 1800s, there was just so much of the city to see which brought out that inner adventurer in me!

Now it’s my turn!

Jurassic Park
Of course this has to be on my list! Like who wouldn’t want to take a trip to JP? C’mon, we got some dino’s and wise cracking Jeff Goldblum! Let’s just hope the power stays on!

221 Bakers Street
We got some seriously cool Sherlocks to choose from, whether you’re a Cummberbitch or a Downey-niser! Plus who wouldn’t want to dawn the Deer Stalker Hat and go solve some grizzly crimes?

Sandford Town
I suppose this wouldn’t be on many peoples lists but t’hell with it! Again, I always up for a daring shootout and fast paced car chase, all out fence jumping and maybe a Cornetto or two with Pegg and Frost too!

Sky Tower – Tower 49
This slick looking tower featured in the Sci-Fi epic Oblivion, would be put to great use, yeah I know I maybe one of two of the last people on earth but I do have the bubble ship to have a go in and not to mention my own pool! Plus maybe Tom Cruise will drop by?

The Tardis
C’mon! WHO wouldn’t want to take a trip in it? You literally have the world (and time) and your finger tips! Win-win!

maxresdefault (5)
So they are our picks! What are some of yours? We want to know! Till next time – nerd out!


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