Midweek Mania: My Star Wars Casting Wish List!

With the apparent news that Tom Hardy is taking a small role in the upcoming Ep 8 in the new SW trilogy (and social media going ape!) I’ve decided to come up with my little casting wish list!

Saoirse Ronan


She has some great acting talent and adding her to  the galaxy would be a win-win! I’d love to see her wield a red lightsaber against Ms Ridley!

Sam Rockwell


Not only has been in space before in the great ‘Moon’ picture, but he is such a force to be reckoned with that I feel – having him on board would bring great wit and acting talent to the table!

Charlize Theron


Another acting talent! Theron has proven that she can really turn in an acting role with the likes of ‘Monster’ and now she has proven that she is also an action star with Furiosa in ‘Mad Max’, so whats stopping her make my wish list?

Tom Cruise


A guy can dream okay!

Emily Blunt


C’mon guys! More of Blunt is a great thing! Have you seen Sicario and Edge of Tomorrow?

Christian Bale


Of course having a bitta Batman is great – plus Bale has proven time and time again that he is one of the best in the business with numerous awards, character pieces and raw dramatic physical/emotional changes! C’mon, he’s worth the paycheck!

So there are my picks! Whats yours? till next time – nerd out!


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