#FridayFlashBack – The Celebs I’ve Met!

Over the past few years, I’ve had some great fun meeting and chatting to some great celebrities – mostly in the movie business! So today I’ve decided to share some of those awesome memories in this weeks edition to #FridayFlashBack!

Killian Scott – Traders Premiere

I got to chat to and snag a picture with the great Irish actor Killian Scott at his premiere of his film ‘Traders’ – definitely worth a watch!

Michael Rooker – Dublin Comic Con

Met Rooker at last years Comic Con with my pals from Nerd Lowdown! Good fun!

Robert Sheenan – JDIFF

The picture is poor quality but the guy is far from that!

Des Bishop – Vicar Street

Funny man. Funny photo!

Andrew Scott – JDIFF

Such an incredibly humble guy – so nice that we got to take two photos with him!


Brian Gleeson – JDIFF

Such a sound guy with great acting chops!

Richard Ayoade – JDIFF

Very reserved but incredibly nice!

Stanley Tucci – JDIFF

One of the most genuine nicest people in the business to chat to and snap a pic with! Outstanding actor too!

As you can see I’ve got to meet some pretty cool people! Thee pictures are just snapshots of awesome moments I’ve had thus far!

Till next time – happy friday and nerd out!


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