Midweek Mania: Revenge of the Fifth!

Who doesn’t love some Star Wars? So today (yes I’m blogging on a Thursday!) I’ve decided to grab Revenge of the Fifth and give some of my top picks of my favourite Villains in the Star Wars Franchise!

Note to readers, this will just be based on the film franchise as I am not much of a reader!

Starting off my list with an honorable mention or two!

Boba Fett and Captain Phasma

And the award for the most under used characters in SW history go to…
Look, give out if you will but hell they did look pretty awesome! But God were they cut short! With the hopes of a Boba Fett solo movie in the air and the prospect of more Phasma in upcoming sequels all I can hope for is that – the studios listen to the outcry of the fans!

5. General Grievous

He may have had a serious case of the flu but hell when he collects lightsabers as trophies and puts up a decent fight against Obi-Wan, he sure was a highlight of the prequels.

4. Darth Maul


Not only was this Sith Apprentice the standout star from the first of the three prequels but again he was criminally under used! In the best scene of Phantom, we were met with his amazing double lightsaber who was able to take down poor aul’ Liamo!
Although he was criminally underused fear not… this following superb fan-made film will fill the Maul hungry bellies!

3. The Emperor 

It wouldn’t be a list without the evil pale face cloaked emperor. We watched him seduce and ultimately take down the entire Jedi Order in the prequel trilogy and bring sheer terror in the originals.

2. Kylo Ren

The newest member of my list – Kylo Ren is not only one of the coolest characters if the SW franchise but an understandable villain. What makes his character so interesting is the fact that he is still battling both sides of the Force spectrum.
Although, we only have this much to go on – I reckon there is plenty more to come in the future of Ben..

1. Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader

In my books you can’t have one without the other! Darth Vader is not only the most infamous villain in all the galaxy but might just be of all time.
In the prequels we see poor Anakin shrouded by the dark-side (don’t forget the younglings..) and in the originals we are met with the sinister side of the light.
With a tremendous arc  throughout the franchise, you truly feel for him and his pain!

Well, they are my picks! What are yours? till next time – nerd out!



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