Midweek Mania: It’s Star Wars Day!

It’s Star Wars Day!! For this weeks Midweek Mania post I’m gonna get a little Star Wars Nerdy! I’m going to rate my favourite SW movies thus far, may share some awesome Star Wars videos and show off some of my memorabilia!
Best to Worst In The Franchise!

  1. Star Wars/ The Empire Strikes Back
  2. Return Of The Jedi
  3. The Force Awakens
  4. Revenge Of The Sith
  5. Attack Of The Clones
  6. The Phantom Menace

Okay, I cheated a little but I honestly can’t pick between the first two.. c’mon gimme a nerdy break!


Some of my memorabilia 

I got these Star Wars Elite Series Die Cast Figures from the very popular Disney Store – so worth the money if you ask me!


Who doesn’t love Lego?

I was surprised with this awesome present on Christmas from my amazing girlfriend!


Midnight screening of The Force Awakens anyone?

Thats right, I got to go to one of the very first screenings of the latest episode and wow… it was insane!

I’ve held Star Wars very close from a young age and it truly one of the best adventures I’ve ever watched on screen – throughout the years I’ve collected games, a box full of SW figures and clothing etc so here I’ll just throw in a few more pictures!

Just look at them….

Best Playstation 2 game ever!!

The Chilhood memories!

I remember having tons of fun with my best friends as we made up our own little battles!

The Movie Collection

That’s right, I still own the very retro VHS tapes of two of the original trilogy – in hope to complete it by adding the original to the mix! Of course I have the DVD editions of the first six but I recently decided to get my hands of the very snazzy BluRay (Lightside) edition of TFA! Overplayed? Hell yeah!

Funkos! Funkos! Funkos!

Who doesn’t love Funko Pops? Like seriously! These are my few pick-ups I’ve gotten my hands on so far but the one Funko I want is the scoundrel himself: Han Solo!

Star Wars will always have a special place in my heart, with its sense of adventure and jaw-dropping story telling, no wonder it has created a holiday in itself! And with the upcoming movies generating excitement already, I know that this is the start of something full of very nerdy fun!

Till next time – nerd out and may the fourth be with you!




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