Something To Check Out! #MondayBlues!

So the college year is coming to an end and its the time of the year where the stress is going 90, but fear not because you can’t study 24hrs of the day and you need some major downtime! So I’ve come up with some of the great movies that you might wanna check out (if you haven’t already!)

These films aren’t necessarily brand new but they are just ones I have re-watched or happened to watch for the first time over the past week – I just think for me, they let me space out for 2 hours after study and help me to chill!


This is just one of those feel good outta nowhere indies that I can always re-watch! Trust me, it’ll chill you out and even make you have a little laugh!



This film is just fun and very over the top! But hey, it may make you wanna show the middle finger to college and go blow some cash in Vegas?

Jennifer’s Body

giphy (1).gif

I got my hands on this DVD for ā‚¬1.50 and I wasn’t expecting much but what I got was a really fun Horror-Comedy with some pretty good acting! for 90mins, in my opinion it doesn’t disappoint plus there maybe a certain Pratt cameo thrown in!

Happy Gilmore


This is for sure one of the best comedies ever made and in my opinion Sandlers best film! Listen, you can quote it, laugh till you lungs hurt and then laugh some more!

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation


Who knew that the fifth in the Mission series would turn out to be the most fun? Listen if you want a 2hr roller-coaster to get you away from a hard day studying – this is definitely worth a look! With Bond coming out the same year, I would recommend Cruise over Craig this time!

Good Will Hunting


Another film that I can quote! Yes, this may be a bit more of a heavy hitter but I am just trying to give a wide range – Hunting will have you cheering, crying and wanting to hug the ones you love, this film is a masterpiece… How’d you like them apples!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier


The lead up to Civil War is nigh and The Winter Soldier is worthy of a mention! Not only is it one of the best Marvel Films (still might be my fav), it’s a great spy adventure that will have you gasping at the spectacular action!



Why didn’t this win best picture? Whiplash will leave you speechless right up to the final frame – it is a tremendous powerhouse of emotions that grips you after every beat! The acting is out of this world and the story will drum home with you! Watch it and then watch it again!

Attack the Block


Wanna watch a great little Sci-Fi action-comedy that is criminally underrated? That also stars a famous Storm Trooper gone rogue? Then pop out you popcorn and take a gander at this!

The Usual Suspects


Not only is is exceptional written but it is worthy of the term classic. With a bewildering final act, The Usual Suspects will have your jaw hitting the floor right up to the credit crawl!
So they’re my picks to get you through the week! They are really worth checking out! Till next time – nerd out!



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