#FridayFlashForward – It’s Civil War Time!

Guys and girls it’s final Friday and that means it’s Civil War time baby!!

My tickets have been booked for weeks now and my Cap hoodie is freshly ironed! I’m breaking my younger sister outta school early and we are tagging along with a group to check out this all Marvel battle!


I’m so  happy! So by the time you’re ready this, my butt is firmly stuck in my cinema seat and I’m trying to hold back the nerdy tears because why can’t they be friends?

Plus… finally my dream has come true! Spidey is final in the MCU!! OMG!!


So yeah this #FridayFlashForward is very short – but t’hell with it! I hope to have my SPOILER FREE review up very soon!

Happy Friday folks! – Nerd out!


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