#FridayFlashBack – I Photobombed Tom Cruise!

Two posts in one day? – it’s a good Friday! And by the title a pretty fun story ahead!

So, I recently chatted about Freezing My Ass Off For Tom Cruise! and the excitement of getting an autograph from the A-Lister but yours truly came across a very sassy picture of him and I!


Yes,  that is me in the background photobombing the epic star – and I couldn’t be happier! With camera in hand and the mindset of making sure that security wouldn’t find me throughout the crowd because I rebelliously sneaked past just to grab an autograph!


(Me taking a second look at the photo..)

Now, this week – (3 years on..) I randomly scanned through some google images of the premiere in college and BAM! there I was, the little 18 year face on me!

Anyway, I loved the memory and now I have an awesome photo to go with it – insert LOL here –

Till next time, nerd out!


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