Something To Listen To & Something To Watch! #TheMondayBlues!

Another week, means another Monday! So for this week I am gonna try get you through this week!

For this week, I have found two options (in my opinion) of what to watch and listen to! So let’s get cracking!

Something To Listen To;

Sia – This Is Acting:

This Is Acting is the seventh studio album by Australian singer and songwriter Sia. It was released on 29 January 2016 by Inertia, Monkey Puzzle and RCA. The album is mainly an electropop album with soul influences and it works incredibly!
Yeah, its been out for a while now, but damn when I came across it during the week – it got me through many long bus journeys to college! A standout track to me is the following:

Something To Watch;

Game of Thrones – Season 6

The time has final arrived! And oh my God I can’t wait! Is Jon Snow really dead? Who will survive and will the White Walkers reign high?
I can’t wait to catch Season 6 on Sky Atlantic! And from me, it will definitely be worth a watch to get you through your Monday! … but if you’re not up to date, you may need to do some homework!

I hope you survive your Monday! Till next time – Nerd out!


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