Midweek Mania: My Opinion On The Jurassic World 2 Directing Choice!

On this weeks edition of #MidWeekMania I’ve just seen this weeks news involving the upcoming Jurassic World 2. With the obvious announcement of JW2 , I was left a bit perplexed as to where a sequel might go. How many times, exactly, can we return to an island..but who cares? Beacuse DINOS!!

Thankfully, JW director Trevorrow teased plans for the sequel to go beyond the island.
Just yesterday Trevorrow tweeted out to my viewing delight –

JA Bayona is a great pick in my opinion! He is a terrific story teller with a great little C.V of work which includes The Impossible which I absolutely loved! That film in my opinion showed that he is a very good dramatic story teller that will bring a big deal of chops to the Jurassic World! It’s time to get your Chris Pratt dance on!


Also, he is finishing off his latest project A Monster Calls which stars Liam Neeson and Falicity Jones, take a look here:

All in all I reckon we are gonna get a darker toned Jurassic Adventure that may take a little bit of the fun away and add in a bit sized chunk of even more horror!
From me, JA Bayona a great pick to helm the directors chair  and will surely live up to the likes of Spielberg on its release in 2018!

Till next time – nerd out!



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