Something To Watch!

Oh no… it’s Monday again! Another long week awaits us – so my first blog on #TheMondayBlues! I’m gonna try get you through this next long week! We can go it!

Whether you’re hard at work, trying to meet college deadlines or study for them oh so important exams, you still need some down time and what better way to chill for 30mins then to watch an episode or two?

Last week Fear The Walking Dead returned for it’s second season after that explosive finale! With massive ratings – we met back with our merry band of survivors hours after the season 1 conclusion!

I gotta say, it wasn’t a bad first episode but I really do hope they meet the shore line soon because what can they really have in the pipeline (story-wise) while at sea?

Although episode one kicked off to a strange feeling, I’m happy to have it back and helps me ease into the week, especially due to the fact that we here in Ireland get it on Mondays!

If you have never given FTWD a chance I would recommend it, Season 1 is considerable short and acted like a little movie – it was very easy to watch an interesting to follow! Once you have that season outta the way, give season two a follow with fifteen episodes heading our way for the next couple of Mondays – I think it’ll ease the idea of the weekend being that little bit further away yet!


(Running from #TheMondayBlues like…)

You can catch Fear The Walking Dead on Fox! Till next monday! Nerd out!


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