My Up And Coming BluRay Collection!

Blu-Rays are now the bees knees that are seemingly out doing the awesome (retro-ish) DVD, which makes me kinda sad! But hey, I’ve decided to start a little Blu-Ray collection of my own!

I want to start off by saying I’m not one of those 1’000 hoarders of the BR as of yet but I said that I’d share my little collection this #SunChillDay!

Monster BluRays!

Starting off my collection are three monstrous outings! Godzilla (’98) holds a special nerdy place in my heart and the transfer to BluRay was immanent! King Kong was added because I found out that it was an extended copy of scenes that I never saw before – and wow they were good! Cloverfield is one of my favourite films and the bluRay is awesome with some great extra goodies!

Some Blue Destruction!

Okay some may argue that Avatar may not be everyone’s cuppa but I gotta say it looks incredible on this format! For that, it is definitely worth a spot. Along with that, every collection deserves some destruction – and Dante’s Peak  can certainly fill that gap!

The Force Has Surely Awoken!

That’s right! My most recent purchase is none other than my favourite film of 2015! The Force Awakens is a purchase that is well needed, packed full of extras on a second disk – I got all the juicy ‘making of’ documentaries which I hope to have reviewed this week!

The Cruisin’ Collection!

Okay, I proudly own Tom Cruise’ full filmography on DVD so when I looked up some of the extras on the BluRay editions, I couldn’t help myself! Plus both The Burj Khalifa and Airplane Scene from Rogue Nation look effin’ fantastic!

A Collection Always Needs Dinos!

You always need Dinos in your collection and the Jurassic Four are a must! Packed full of incredible HD and even better sound, the T-Rex has never sounded better! Plus with each disk including hours of behind the scenes extras – this BluRay collection will never go extinct!

Till my next post – have a chilled Sunday! Nerd out!




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