My New Inked Art!

As you saw from my #FridayFlashForward post – I was venturing to get my very first tattoo, well it’s found its spot on my arm!

I decided on the months ago and was waiting ages to get it done and now I’m finally inked! I certainly took my Jurassic Park fandom to the next level, just look!


So it’s been two days since I got the piece and I have to say the after care is going very well!
For the past two days I have kept it in the ever so lovely cling-film to keep it clean, but what I actually did two hours after the piece was done was, wash it softly in soapy water then drying it with kitchen roll very gently – I found there was excess ink and swelling for about a day but today (Sunday), the swelling has gone down along with the redness!

What I use

Simples. For any of you who are thinking of getting your first Tattoo I would highly recommend – Bepanthen – it’s a savior! But, I would also suggest some moisturiser! Both will heal the skin in great time but I would say to always keep it clean and moisturised!

Once you do this, your tattoo will keep looking good along with the skin around it will still be healthy!

I hope this helps! Nerd out!



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