Personal Picks: The Zombie Genre

It’s Saturday, which means I get to chow down on some #SaturdatSnacks! Today I will sink my teeth into some of my favourite movies from the zombie genre!

Before I start to rave off, I gotta mention a few picks that didn’t quite make the top end of my list! They are Resident EvilRec (1-2)Warm Bodies and Dead Alive.
Resident Evil was a pretty decent edition I gotta say although it had some dodgy CGI I have to admit I had fun with it!
Both Rec 1-2 are awesome, but I feel that there are better made of the zombie genre – that’s not saying they are poor movies at all!
Warm Bodies was just so fun and worth checking out! Finally, my last honorable mention goes to Peter Jackson’s Indie Dead Alive, it’s a very low budget bowl of gory fun that is worth a gander for sure!

Now with my honorable mentions ouuta the way it’s time to get to the juicy bits! I’ll start my list from 10 – 1!

10. Maggie (2015)


Maggie is a very quiet dark film that had me totally engrossed from beginning to end! Both Arnie and Abigail Breslin shine powerfully in this indie post apocalyptic horror! It proved that smaller films can give off a loud roar and became one of my favourite films of last year!

9. Quarantine (2008)


Some argue the original (REC) is 10x better and I respect that but I have to say that I came across the american remark beforehand. Listen, it’s not gonna win any oscars but I gotta say that I really had fun with this one, it was contagiously spooky and had me clinging to my seat in scenes!

8. I Am Legend (2007)


Will Smith becoming the last man on Earth as he tries to defend himself against the Dark Seekers who roam the New York streets? Eh damn right I’m in!
P.s I prefer the original cut ending!

7. Dead Set (2008)


Acting as a mini series on British T.V, I like to watch it as a 2hr 21min thrill ride set as the British world becomes host to a deadly outbreak – we follow a production worker on the popular show Big Brother – trying to survive with her merry band as the dead begin to take over! It’s all a fan wants, gore + hordes = happy zombie fan!

6. World War Z (2013)


Who would have thought we’d see Brad Pitt fight his way through the infected? WellI gotta say it works here – although there is practically no gore detail, WWZ turned out to be an utter thrill ride and I really can’t wait for the upcoming sequel!

5. Zombieland (2009)


It wouldn’t be a zombie list without it! It’s smart, fun, full of zombie appreciation and most of Bill Murray! Definitely one of the better outings of the 21st Century!

4. 28 Weeks Later (2007)


Just gonna start it off by saying we had Hawkeye himself (Jeremy Renner) kick as in this flick! This was a great edition to the zombie family! Packed full of the infamous infected – I truly believed that there was no hope for our characters!

3. Shaun Of The Dead (2004)


Not only is it one of my favourite zombie films ever, it’s up there in being one of my favourite films of all time! Cleverly written and insanely funny – Simon Pegg and Nick Frost charm their wit all the way past the hordes in this utter classic! A+ stuff!

2. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Before the overused Zack Synder slow-mo took effect, he hit a home run (in my books) with a remake that makes the original look like child’s play! It’s got some really likable characters and some tremendously edgy sequences that’ll make all zombie fans wince!

1. 28 Days Later(2002)


Hands down the winner! Hell I’m pretty sure it was the very first in the genre to introduce the ‘Running’ zombie we have come to be used to.This is my favourite of the zombie genre, I know they’re known as ‘The Infected’ but c’mon… they’re zombies!
This little horror at the time seemingly shocked audiences and made a career outta Cillian Murphy who, along with Bredan Gleeson, Naomie Harris and Christopher Eccleston make 28 Days Later an absolute thrill-ride to watch!

So they are my #PersonalPicks this #SaturdaySnacks edition! Got any favourites? Comment below! Till next time – happy saturday – nerd out!


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