My First Tattoo!

In this weeks #FridayFlashForward and as you read from the heading above – I’m getting myself inked! Woohoo!

As you read this I probably sitting in the tattoo parlor chair a sweating like a mad yoke because I’m a wuss when it comes to pain!

For the past two years I’ve kept putting off each and every tattoo idea that popped into my noggin’ but a few weeks back post 21st birthday, I decided to bite the bullet and booked a tattoo. What am I getting you ask?

Well it’s a pretty big deal to me!

Yes, I am getting the original Jurassic Park logo. Ignore the ‘Life Finds A Way’  for the moment as for my first sitting it’ll involve Rexy herself! Being that it’s my favourite movie ever, I just had to get it inked!

I’m both nervous and excited on how it’ll turn out – but I know I’m in the good hands of the guys over in The Vibe Mullingar!

I’ll be sure to blog about the finished product on a next #FridayFlashback! Nerd out!


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