The Blog Plan!

Well, I’ve been writing with this blog for nearly a month now and I gotta say it’s been fun and now I’ve finally come up with a weekly ‘Blog Post Plan’ that I hope to stick with!

Please bare with me as sometimes I may not be able to find the time due to college etc. but I really do hope to stick by this little timetable which will help me get every blog I want out there!

So as I’ve said before, it’s time to limber up!


For Mondays, I hope to give you a few of my little own recommendations to get you threw the week – yes we all hate the dreaded day but I can think of a few things to make it a little bearable.
These little blogs will be know as The Monday Blues!


It’s the mid-week and the weekend is just in sight and everyone seems that little bit more crazier for the weekend, so to get you through the last few steps – for Wednesday I will be publishing a round up blog of my views/opinions that might be going on in the world of movies, music and social media!
This will be know as Mid-Week Mania!


Did someone say Friday? Well since we can chill and take a look back on our week gone by I’ve come up with a Friday blog that’ll be know as Friday Flash Back/Friday Flash Forward – what I hope to blog here will be some past and upcoming adventures I am about to embark on!

It’s Saturday which means we get to do all our favourite things! Here I will discuss all my favourites in movies/music/TV – under the heading Saturday Snacks!


Sunday is a day of deserved chill, and with my blog I will come up with an easy to read blog that you be able to breeze right through! Welcome to SunChillDay!


So this is my little plan of action – gonna give it a try and see what happens! Till the next blog – nerd out!


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