My Many Doodles!

I’m a guy that on my down time I like to chill, stick in my head phones and draw till my hand is numb! So today I’ve decided to share some of my nerdy doodles I’ve done!

Consider the fact that I’ve a fascination with drawing superhero-esque characters and you’ll be in for a treat! Many of the following doodles were published on my personal Instagram page – so that is where I will be linking them from! Hope you like ’em!

Batman V Superman Showdown!

During the lead up to the all out battle – I decided to put pen to paper and as captioned – it became the Dawn of the Doodles!

DC Villainy!

I think I sometimes prefer the villains to our heroes! So I had to scribble some of the most infamous villains of the DC Comicbook universe – it was only fair!

Brains! Brains! Brains!

I gotta say I do love my undead doodles! Especially with new awesome fine tip pens I got in Tiger! Had fun drawing this guy!

Holy chimichangas!

This one was fun! I got the idea skipping through Google Images and hell, I had to put it on paper! It was kinda my little love letter to X-Men Origins..

Selfie Time!

This is probably my favourite Merch with a Mouth drawing just because of the colour! He was as foul mouth as he was to drawing so I had to throw an F-Bomb in there for the fun of it!

I’m Starlord man!

Not only is he one of the most badass’ in the Galaxy but he is a badass to draw. Simple!

Guardians of Jurassic World!

Yes, it’s Starlord on a character T-Rex! It had to be doodled!

The Nerd With A Pencil!

For me, Batman is always a great one to doodle! He’s one of my fav heroes out there!

So, there are only a handful of doodles! – I hope to update soon! Till next time – nerd out!


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