My Childhood Was Full Of Films!

From the heading yes, my childhood was full of flicks, flick n’ more flicks! So here I’ll chat about some of the movies that shared defining moments of my nerdy kidhood!

My childhood was filled with nothing more than some fantastic films that I now hold very close to my heart and hold great memories watching them with friends and family.

Although some may be closer than others, for this blog – I honestly just want to reminisce over great movies in my opinion I discovered. Just a gentle hint, this list won’t be just full of children films..

First off here’s a few honorable mentions:




Some may compare Antz to Pixar’s A Bug’s Life but for me – Antz not only wins me over that extra bit, but it’s the very first film I ever saw in the cinema. Obviously I was too young to remember the experience but I was told that at such a young age the sight of a massive screen with exploding images excited the hell outta me which lead to a movie nerd being born!

Godzilla (’98)

I remember having a blank VHS tape held close and every chance I get sticking it into the video player and being blown away by the great action sequences and awesome soundtrack which to this day I still play!

Toy Story (1-2)

Toy Story came out the year I was born so I was too young to catch that one in the cinema’s but I totally remember being taken to see Toy Story 2 and being sucked into the adventure. Not only is the Toy Story franchise one of my favourites ever.. but these movies played massively in my childhood! I cant quote ’em from start to finish!


I told you it wasn’t all cartoons… As a kid I was obsessed with Tornadoes (still am!) So when I heard that they made a film about chasing some of the biggest, I was hooked! Still waiting for Bill Paxton to take me on a chase!

Indiana Jones

Talk about a sense of world adventure! Seeing Ford as the great explorer sent shivers down my spine and gave me a awesome feeling of utter excitement throughout the amazing franchise!

Spider-Man Trilogy (2002-2007)

Say what you will nowadays.. but back in the early 2000’s, Spidey was everything!I remember counting down the days till the third over the top adventure with my best friend!

Star Wars

I talked about world adventures, now how about galactic ones! Star Wars has had a massive impact on my childhood. My imagination was blown, friendships made and bonded on it! It also impacted my pocket money – by this I mean that I would religiously buy any and all action figures I could get my hands on… but there is one more that upped my childhood!

Jurassic Park/ The Lost World/ JP3

Dinosaurs!!! The Jurassic films are to this day my all time favourite films ever – they influenced my love for films and showed my the utter magic behind the art! My family and I hold the franchise close and it will truly play a massive part in my life! I have awesome memories as a kid being blown away by the T-Rex roar in the original, using yet another blank VHS to record The Lost World on while memorizing every advert that played along during its RTE (Irish TV channel) airing. I finally remember taking a trip to the cinema to see JP3 and thinking this was one of the scariest – most fun films I have ever seen!

So there you have it! My little childhood favs I’ve come to hold very close! Till next time! Nerd out!




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