Can I Join The Squad Yet?

One of most anticipated films of 2016 have just dropped another trailer bombshell online and I think it’s time for be to come up with some villainous power and join there squad!
Ahead of this Summer’s release, the marketing team have released the second trailer to the upcoming villain outing #SuicideSquad –

‘Ya’ll Jokers must be crazy!’

If you didn’t think they could beat last times Bohemians Rhapsody Trailer, you may want to think again! I really do think this is gonna give DC the deserved push into their Universe – because I feel Batman V Superman (although okay) didn’t give the Comic Book background a new fresh high it truly needs and deserves!

Even Batman is dropping by! Hell this is gonna be one rolla-coaster ride of a villain movie!

Also, with that exceptional cast under a great director David Ayer – my hopes are getting high with every little teaser I get my nerdy eyes on!


Plus, with Jared Leto and the sassy Margot Robbie seemingly embodying two of my favourite comic book characters to a tee, I really think DC will hit a home run with this one!


(Waiting for August like..)

Fingers and toes crossed! Till next time! Nerd out.


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