Being On The Edge Of Tomorrow!

If there are any of you out there that have been keeping up with my personal blog, you may have noticed I’ve been a little A.W.O.L recently, due to the fact that I took a trip across the Irish sea to London! There I found myself cruising on by a certain film location!

Taking a trip into the English capital I stumbled upon the extremely busy Trafalgar Square and soon realized (being a tremendously massive Tom Cruise fan) that he and the crew opened up with an amazing helicopter landing scene from the epic Sci-Fi Action Thriller Edge Of Tomorrow right where I stood!

I gotta say I am one for a great film sequence and that is one that stands out to me in recent memory! I have to also mention that I was a little starstruck thinking about it and truly have to send out some kudos to the E.O.T team who made that epic opening a reality, because damn! that square is one busy place!

Of coarse, it took my girlfriend and I a few take to get the perfect shot seen above as it was so hectic! So no wonder the production team went to great lengths to make that opening perfect! It may only be a matter of seconds to any other movie lover, but to me it just comes across so damn effing cool – that’s why, being there took me back a little!

(Ending Helicopter Landing Scene – Contains Spoilers)

Overall, the little 30min trip into Trafalgar was one of many adventures that will have an awesome little place in my nerdy heart! It was a super cool time!
And now that they have seemingly green-lit a sequel, maybe Cruise can land another Helicopter outside my front door and let me hop in for a spin!

Till the next blog, nerd out!


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