5 Most Likable Male Movie Characters!

As you can tell I’m a guy who just loves films and when I watch ’em I hope that many of the characters pull off an awesome performance! Since I’ve been watching flicks forever, I’ve had a few characters grow on me! So for this post I’ve whittled it down to my favourite 5!
Owen – The Way Way Back


Not only is 2013’s coming of age drama The Way Way Back criminally under-appreciated – that too is the wisecracking performance of the always great Sam Rockwell, like think about it, has he cashed in a bad performance?
Rockwell bring tremendous likability and sass to water-park manager Owen, the character steals every scene and made me feel good! This is truly one of the most warm hearted pieces of acting I have seen and I think Rockwell very much deserved a nomination!

Ian Malcolm – Jurassic Park


Just getting this out there for those who don’t know but, Spielberg’s 1993 blockbusting classic Jurassic Park is my all-time favourite movie ever!
Heck, I just popped in the Blu-Ray last night and the ace Chaos Theorist inspired me to come up with this post!
Listen, when you have greatly written characters in a movie where Dino’s run large you bet your bottom at least one of them will be on my list! I’ve always held Sam Neill’s ‘Alan Grant’ close to my nerdy heart but Jeff Goldblum truly won me over with his immense one-liners and his ego to give the character everything! Not only that but, the idea that he too wants to risk his own life (more) protecting those kids is damn right awesome!

‘Spoon’ – Dog Soldiers


Jumping genres, we move onto the now cult classic action-horror which saw a ragtag group of soldiers take on a hungry pack of werewolves! Say what you will but I effing love this little flick!
Especially Darren Morfit as ‘Spoon’. He is a no-hold back, foul mouthed but lovable character that would do anything to protect his company – what strove me to like him even more was the interesting human-side that was brought out in the script! It may have a far-fetched premise but the torment that the group have in the claustrophobic house is awesomely appealing.
As for ‘Spoon’ well he had me scream for him at the screen up until the end!

Tom – (500) Days Of Summer


I hold (500) Days close to my heart and as for Tom well I just wanted to give ’em a hug! JGL shines as Tom a guy just out to experience love and all it’s warmth but being down and out of luck – he thinks there’s nothing left!
This is the most honest character in any rom-com-esque story I have seen and by God did they pull it off! JGL grabs you from the get-go as Tom and you are thrown in for the ride and want the light at the end of the tunnel not to be just a monstrous train!

Han Solo – The Star Wars Franchise


From one GIF to the next, it wouldn’t be a list without him. Not only is Han Solo the King of the Star Wars Franchise, but he might just be the King of the Sci-Fi genre! With his rugged sass, killer shot (yes he did shoot first), Harrison Ford has brought to life one of my all time favourite movie characters!
Last years, The Force Awakens timed the likability to 1’000 as the character arc for Solo was not only true to the character but fulfilling to the fans right to his sad end!

So they are some of my lost likable characters, what’s yours?

Nerd out!



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