5 Actors That Should Be Cast In The MCU!

We’ve got ours Chris Evans’, our Robert Downey’s and our lovely Chris Pratt’s but isn’t it time to see some fresh new faces in the MCU?

For this blog post, I’ll give my 5 picks for who should join and who they should give their acting chops a go at!

Emily Blunt as Captain Marvel


I’ve been saying this for a long time, Emily Blunt needs this role – forget the rest like Rousey etc. because Blunt has proven time and time again that she is a great actress, have you seen Sicario? Also she can bring some sharp wit to the table along with some kick-ass action that could echo that last seen in the Sci-Fi epic ‘Edge of Tomorrow’! Thiscasting needs to happen!

Gerard Butler as Kraven The Hunter


C’mon, who else could throw themselves at this role? Butler would bring some 300-esque chops to Kraven and along with all the grizzled out muscle I personally think the Scotsman would pull off the hunter to a tee!

Lake Bell as She-Hulk


This may be an odd one to some but damn I’d like to see Marvel have a go at her! I remember watching her in various Marvel cartoons – and now with the ever growing cast, I’d love Lake Bell give it ago! Not only does she seem to resemble the cousin of Bruce Banner but I reckon she could throw some pens at the script too!

Dan Stevens as Cable

Okay, by now you all saw the recent Deadpool post-credit scene where they announced a sequel with Cable himself. Well for the past while I’ve been trying to think of the right casting choice and I think my guy Dan Stevens would be a good shout-out to consider!
We saw him go balls to the wall in the incredible ‘The Guest’ and being in his early 30’s, I reckon the studio execs could sign him up for multiple movies!

Saoirse Ronan as Gwen Stacey/Spider-Woman

Before you all jump on me, hear me out.. Emma Stone did a good job and well Bryce Dallas Howard had nothing to go on. But I think Irish lass – Ms. Ronan would do an awesome job in the upcoming Marvel co. Spidey outings! Yeah she might be a year or two older than Tom Holland but who cares?
She has got tremendous acting skills behind her (including two Oscar noms) – so I would love to see the Marvel writers take the Stacey character to new heights and make her become Spider-Woman because let’s face it, we need more Super-Women in the MCU!
So, they’re my picks! I know they’re a very adventurous bunch but t’hell with it – t’is all just a bitta fun blogging!

Nerd out!





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