Freezing My Ass Off For Tom Cruise!

From the title above you can see that a stone’s throw ago (3 years ago this weekend) that I got the chance to happily freeze my ass off to try meet my favourite actor of all-time and one of my role models, Tom Cruise!

It was the 3rd of April 2013 and a group of friends and I decided to take a trip up to the capital to wait for a mere 7 hours to catch Hollywood’s most A List actor – with an Oblivion poster in hand – I was on the Savoy red carpet and the wait began!


Then the moment came along and the crowd went wild! Spending an awesome two and half hours with the fans, Cruise truly proved that he loves his fans and really appreciates the time and effort they do!

I was very much star struck being in his presence, he really brought an air of fantasic-ness  to the table in what was one of the biggest premieres to be brought to Irish shores and the excitement didn’t end there!


(Spot me on the middle-left?)


Sneaking past security you can see in the above and pretending to be press with a camera in hand, I hand the sneaky opportunity to get my poster signed!


Mission: Accomplished!!

It was truly one of my fondest memories to date and the excitement was contagious among the crowd! If you ever get a chance to get to a Cruise Premiere do, because hell, he knows how to put on a show!

Till next time – nerd out!


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