Personal Picks: T.V Shows

On this edition of my personal picks I’ve decided to write about some of the various TV shows I’ve loved to watch and re-watch!

The Walking Dead (Season 1-6)/ Fear The Walking Dead (Season 1)

Being a fan of the zombie genre I gotta say these TV shows get the genre right! Based in the same universe, I feel that you now can’t have one without the other! For any horror fan who haven’t already sunk their brains into this one, in the words of Shia.. DO IT!

True Detective (Season 1)


What other TV show has two of the best in the business? Exactly! True Detective is straight up unnerving as it is exciting! With the ‘who did it’ theme and a tracking shot to die for , this is one show that will always have a re-watchable factor!

Sherlock (Season 1-3 and Christmas Special)


I may get some hate saying this but… forget Downey Jr and Law. Enough said!

Doctor Who (Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor) 


Spanning the course of my school years, I was a major fan of BBC’s Doctor Who! From Eccleston’s wit, Tennant’s charm to Smith’s awesomesness – I was always on the edge of my nerdy seat every weekend it premiered!

Daredevil (Season 1-2)


One of Marvel’s latest outings might be just as good as some of their MCU editions! Recently I binged watched Season 2 with my awesome girlfriend and I gotta say it was so worth it! This Netflix series packs a punch both comic wise and pleasure viewing wise!

Love/Hate (Season 1-5)


Home grown Irish Gangster drama cooked up a storm and rightly so because it is truly one of the best dramas produced! With great characters and a shocking series finale – this will always be one of my favourite dramas!

Misfits (Season 1-2)


Another pick starring Robert Sheehan came outta nowhere for me! And was it a crazy one! Sheehan relly does steal the show and his sudden departure after Season 2 really does bring the show down hill! Stick to Season 1-2 and enjoy the hell outta it!

The Inbetweeners (Season 1-3)


Funniest, OTT – crude piece of telly I’ve ever watched and by jaysus the re-watchability is on point, especially with a group of mates! Adding one great follow up film and another m’eh one, this is definitely worth your time and effort!

Band of Brothers


This may be the best on screen depiction on World War II – with 10 episodes at their helm, Spielberg and Hanks have produced one of the most captivating War-Dramas ever made. A very truly and deeply moving drama that must be watched.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Season 1-6)


Not only does it have one of the most recognised A-List actors to date with Will Smith but damn it has the most catchiest theme song ever! This truly is one of my all time favourite shows that knew when to be funny but incredibly serious!

Game Of Thrones (Season 1-5)


Okay at the beginning I will say I was a mixed bag, say to myself will I or won’t I start it and wow.. I am glad I did! Some great set pieces mixed with some terrifyingly incredible action pieces add to my incredible enjoyment! Plus ‘Hardhome’ is one of the best episodes I have ever seen!! Bring on Season 6 this April!

So there are some of my personal picks! What are yours? I’d love to know! Till next time – Nerd out!!


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