My Moment With Star-Lord!

There has been many a time I have truly been star struck but this next story is straight up damn awesome! Queue your volume mix guys because it’s about go down!

So last year Star-Lord himself Chris Pratt was promoting the great Summer blockbuster Jurassic World and one of the junkets included the popular ‘Unscripted’ segment on the popular YouTube channel Moivefone.

Seeing that they were looking for fan questions on their Facebook page (weeks beforehand) I jumped in and wrote out an adventurous question – expecting nothing in return and boy was I wrong…

A few weeks pass and I decide one morning to scan threw my Youtube notifications and there I see Moviefone have the latest JW ‘Unscripted’ segment and honestly I only wanted to watch the video because of Chris Pratt’s face! #ManCrushMomo
What happened next was well, just take a gander at the video below:

Yes, that was me with the first question and yes, Chris and I are now on first name basis! Guys when I first saw this, I marked out! Chris f***ing Pratt gave me the nickname E-DOG!!! That don’t happen to many people!
After marking out on my own, I jumped out of bed an ran down to a very close buddy of mine (ya gotta remember this was early in the morning), I woke him up and made sure he watched the video!

I have to say, although it’s a very short blog – it is up there as one of the very cool story I have to share! But trust me, I’ve a few more to come along. So now I’m honestly just waiting for C-DOG to return my tweets and meet up for pints and discuss getting me in the next Jurassic movie!

On that note, nerd out!


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