I’m Going To See Hans Zimmer Live!!

As you read from the title I’m off to London in less than two weeks to see one of my favourite composers of all time!

This January I turned 21 and my awesome girlfriend surprised me with tickets to the live tour in the famous SSE Arena Wembley… and yes I cried like a baby with joy!!
So with less than two weeks to go, the excitement level is growing and I don’t think it will hit me till I’m there (obvs) but honestly, words can’t describe how much it means for me to have a chance to be there!

Instrumental/Soundtrack may be my favourite music genre so getting a chance to hear some of my favourite tracks live will blow my mind for sure!! So in saying that I’ve decided to share some tracks I hope to hear:

One of the shinning aspects of Interstellar was the score! Not only did it elevate every scene but became a character in itself! 
Alright, alright, alright SPAAAAAACE!

Say what you will about M:I-2 as a flick but by the power of grey skull this track in incredible, not only is one of my favourite Zimmer pieces – it is one of my all time favourite tracks ever!

The minute you hear this piece you can only think of one character. This theme has developed not only into one of the most popular pieces composed but I think it’s gotten the ‘Jaws’ treatment – by this I mean, you will immediately associate this theme with the infamous Joker. What a piece!

Not only is this flick riddled with 90’s action corn that is absolutely epic – but the score makes you wanna walk in slow-mo dawning a pair of shades! C’mon, super cool!

Finally, this next piece is not only my favourite composed by Hans Zimmer but probably one of my most played tracks ever!

I will most likely have a tear or two rolling down my face if this famous track from the great Inception is played because wow, I can’t describe how much I love this track.

So with my passport ready and our travel arrangements set – I honestly can’t wait to take my seat and be transported to another world!


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