My Favourite YouTube Review Channels To Look Out For!

Today, I’ve decide that it high time to discuss the communities, website and YouTube channels that inspire me to sometimes fanboy over, rant and ultimately give you all my opinion of everything movies!
Movies are a big thing in my life. Ever since I can remember I wonder why I choose to watch or make my own movies than sometimes play sports. I found that it is the one thing I love to talk about. Now since the age of social media is on a high, I’ve found even more exciting ways to delve more into the art. I love chatting to people about movies face to face but I’ve also got an eye for expressing it online especially through Facebook and Twitter, but now YouTube.
The following are five groups, website and ultimately cool people who have inspired me to chat and now blog on Nerd Lowdown about the crazy world of the big screen.

Jeremy Jahns
Jeremy Jahns is a well known reviewer who has risen to fandom through the use of YouTube. Unlike most critics, Jahns never pulls from his fisty punches with actors, directors etc. and always speaks his mind in fast paced humour. This guy has shown me to be fun in your opinions and to always voice your views no matter the occasion!


Schmoes Know
The Schmoes Know is a community based idea, filled with movie loving fans and reviewers devoted to getting all the news and views straight out of Hollywood.
Created by the now massively popular guys Kristian Harloff, Mark Ellis and Ken Napzok (thanks to YouTube) – their weekly episodes including all sort from: movies quiz rounds, The Ultimate SchmoeDown and “The Neeeeews!” ensures that this is a definite inspiration of when you want to get something out, you do it!


Chris Stuckmann
From the get go you know Chris Stuckmann is such a big movie fan – from his background in his videos to his knowledge.Stuckmann is one of the most popular critics based on YouTubeand his channel is a delight to watch. From such smart categories like:
– A+ Movies
– F Movies
And the hugely popular
– Analyzed Movies
His passion shines through and was one of the key people to make me want to join up and talk movies!

Chris has also recently published his first ever book ‘The Film’s Buff Bucket List’ where he has compiled a list of the 50 film’s from 2000-2015 that you need to watch before you die! Having had the pleasure in purchasing the book, I can straight up say this is a great read and worth it!


Screen Junkies
Being a massive online YouTube hit may be hard to come by, but not for these guys! The Screen Junkies focus on everything movies and TV related.
With their 3 main shows:
– The Screen Junkies Show
– Honest Trailers
– Movie Fights (My Favourite!)
They give all the fans (including me) laugh out loud moments told in comedic levels while still giving all the latest in the movie/TV universe. Screen Junkies have proven to me that talking about movies is fun and their success gives me the drive to do more!


Profiles With Malone And Mantz
Profiles With Malone And Mantz follows Youtubers/critics Alicia Malone and Scott Mantz, who on their own time, chat every week about their favourite actor’s, director’s etc. working in the industry today.
From Tom Cruise to Sir Ridley Scott their show aims to cover the ins and outs while adding a flare of fun and movie knowledge! This YouTube show and Podcast is one to look out for every week and inspired me to write about my favourite Hollywoodactor’s etc.

Another worth mention is the pairs up and certainly coming is Alicia Malone’s very own channel, here she delves into various projects like ‘Indies Are My Jam’, ‘Girls On Film’, ‘Malone Movie Minutes’ and of course ‘M+M Movies’ with her co-host the Mantz man!
Alicia Malone is one of the very few I aspire to be like and I have real respect for her vision and down right awesome-ness! You go Red Fury!


These normal people who just chat about movies, have shown me that its cool to voice your opinion along with ultimately giving me the confidence to write and share my own personal views not only here on this blog but also over on Nerd Lowdown!

Thanks so much for taking the time for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading and be sure to check ’em all out! Nerd out!


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