My Personal Picks: The Vampire Genre

Starting my Saturday off, I’ve decided to do a write up on ‘PersonaAlthough vampires are generally associated with the bloody horror genre, vampire films may also fall into the drama, action, science fiction, romance, comedy or fantasy genres, among others. So for my first #PersonalPickBlog, I will chat about some of my favourite blood sucking outings.

To start off these picks, I’ve decided to compile a little honorable mention list for our garlic hating night walkers.

Okay before people start to role their eyes – these are my picks because from what I have seen there aren’t too many blood sucking films out there.

I remember Van Helsing being one of the first flicks associated with those long fangs! And back then I actually really enjoyed it – so today it has that little kid excitement yet it being so goddamn cheesy and over the top! Same can be said with The Blade Trilogy – I have a better memory of the third outing due to the fact that Ryan Reynolds was absolutely epic! First major R-RATED Marvel film too don’t forget! I also recently got to check out Daybreakers and I gotta say it was an interesting take on the genre – starving vamps! Although they didn’t quite make the list it is definitely worth check each of ’em out!

5. From Dusk Till Dawn – 


From the brilliant minds of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez came one of the most outrageously fun takes on the genre, starting off as a kidnapping heist movie and turning into a blood crazed horror – this is one of the most unique vampire films to date!

4. Let the Right One In –


This Swedish horror is my most recent watched of the list (shoutout to my girlfriend for suggesting to watch it) because not only is it one of the best vampire films I have seen thus far – it is also one of the most well made. Based around the life of a quiet young boy who befriends the girl-next door, Let the Right One In smartly knows what it is and intriguingly places it’s violent moments within more subtle scenes.

3. Interview With The Vampire – 

Would anyone have called Tom Cruise turning in one of his best ever roles as the infamous Lestat? Not even the author of the famous novel with the same name had hope but after the initial release (and a lot of criticism) she apologized to Cruise. With the story taking place both present and past – it truly is one of the best vampire story I have enjoyed watching and for me the re-watchability is endless!

2. The Lost Boys –


‘Death by stereo!’

The Lost Boys is one of the most pinnacle movies of the 80’s. It had the style, the attitude and the god-like soundtrack, to this day I still blare any chance I get! It is a very reserved film I think that truly is a shinning edition to the genre, that will be loved and dissected for generations to come!

1. 30 Days of Night –


Holy hell on a stick! This terrified me on my first viewing! Josh Harnett stars in this incredibly violent claustrophobic outing where a town is shun into 30 days of darkness in the vast Alaskan wilderness – here a group of hungry vampires decided to feast on those who hope to seek out daylight.
This has in my opinion, the best envision of the classic monsters – they are not looking to seduce it’s pray or sweet talk the townsfolk, they are just out to feed in the most violent way.
The most memorable scene for me was they used a character as bait – like c’mon! I’m surprised no-one had thought up the idea before! It’s one of the most originally horror films I’ve seen to date and is by far my best pick for the vampire genre!

So these are my favourite picks – would love to know what you think and what are yours? For more #PersonalPickBlogs stay tuned! Nerd out!



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