Will Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Suck?

Today’s the day, I will finally get my ass into my local cinema chair and quite possible witness the greatest fight in comic book history – but now the question has come up since the early american reviews, is it actually gonna be good?

As it stands on Rotten Tomatoes, the DC showdown is rotten at 31% (Critics) along with the audience rating of 71% – but as a big Batman fan I try not to look at many reviews before I see the flick for myself, but damn it’s hard not to because the criticism is everywhere!

So I’ve sadly got prepare myself for the ultimate question: will it suck?

What I hope from this superhero flick is just some fun! Like c’mon, when it says Batman V Superman are critics really hoping for Oscar worthy performances? Yes we all hope for a flowing story and some good-looking action but for me, it’s gotta be fun!

I really hope that when I’m in the thick of the story I’m thrown forward by the tory and completely captivated, it’s all I ask! Also one major hope is that Affleck truly devours his role as the caped crusader because he sure as hell has big boots to fill!

So here goes nothing, I got my Batman jumper on and I’m all ready to go! See you guys on the other side! Nerd out!



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