Round One! …Blog!

It is 02:00am and I’ve decided to stay up waaay past my bed time and get my first official blog post out in the big bad world! Here we go!

Being a one of five writers for the growing Irish site Nerd Lowdown, I’m very familiar with the idea of writing for a blog-site with what is needed and what people are most interested in. Plus when news breaks, you better be close to a laptop because you gotta break that news to your fans!! – Whether it be a new Star Wars movie or a new Super-Hero trailer dropping it can be panic stations to get the message out!


I’m not saying it is an awful thing to be a part of something where you would be occasionally praised for writing about what you love most – but I’ve decided to give my own personal blog a go and I’m actually pretty excited to give it a go!

I’m a major film buff and this blog will be filled with a lot of movie mania along various hobbies and what I get up to on various adventures. – So it’s time to limber up because this is gonna be fun!


I know my first blog is short..but I plan on trying to have  daily posts, so I hope you’re up for the read! Nerd out!



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